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Dr Charlotte Rayner

Consultant Physician


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Clinical Interests:

All areas of general internal medicine. All areas of respiratory medicine, including respiratory infection, pulmonary and venous thromboembolism asthma, smoking related lung disease, lung carcinoma and interstitial disease, also management and prevention of tuberculosis. The rapid assessment clinic is run for patients presenting with acute medical problems or for patients presenting and requiring a rapid assessment for a possible underlying diagnosis of cancer.

Areas of expertise:

General Medicine, High Dependency Unit (HDU), Respiratory Medicine.

Clinic Times:

Please note these are regular clinics, other times may be available by appointment.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

Schedule Key

A: Alternate weeks
M: Monthly sessions
A/H: Ad Hoc
P: Consulting at Parkside Hospital at Putney
A/P: Consulting alternative weeks at Parkside Hospital at Putney
M/P: Consulting monthly at Parkside Hospital at Putney

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